Apple iPhone 16 Release Date 2024: Leaks, Price, Specs, Camera, Battery


Apple iPhone 16 Release Date: As the iPhone 15 series becomes yesterday’s news, all eyes are now turning to the highly anticipated next chapter in the iPhone saga – the iPhone 16 series, set to make its debut in September 2024.

Following the tradition of its predecessors, the iPhone 16 series will comprise four models: iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. Early rumors suggest that the Pro and Pro Max variants may boast larger displays and introduce a new “Capture” button.

Get ready to dive deep into the hottest rumors and leaks surrounding the next generation of iPhones. We’ll explore everything from the potential launch date in September 2024 to the predicted price tags and cutting-edge features. Buckle up for a thrilling ride through the world of Apple’s most coveted gadget!

Apple iPhone 16 Release Date 2024 [Expected]

EventExpected Dates
iPhone 16 Announcement2024-09-10
iPhone 16 Pre-orders Start2024-09-13
iPhone 16 Release2024-09-20

The iPhone 16 is expected to be unveiled on September 10, 2024, during a dedicated keynote event. This date aligns with Apple’s historical trend of announcing major iPhones on the second Tuesday of September. Although Apple has occasionally deviated from this pattern, September 10 seems like a strong contender for the iPhone 16 reveal.

The significance of the release date lies in the fact that the iPhone typically hits the market about ten days after its official announcement, landing on a Friday. This strategic timing allows for a crucial launch weekend, acting as a litmus test for the anticipated demand heading into the holiday season. In essence, the release date is a pivotal moment for Apple from a business standpoint.

Apple iPhone 16 Price Prediction

According to the Phone Arena, Here are the expected starting prices for the iPhone 16 series:

  • iPhone 16: $799-$899*
  • iPhone 16 Plus: $899-$999*
  • iPhone 16 Pro: $999-$1,099*
  • iPhone 16 Pro Max: $1,199-$1,299*

These prices are speculative, and there’s a chance Apple might maintain the same pricing as the iPhone 15 series. However, there’s a 50/50 likelihood that prices could see a slight increase. The iPhone 15 series was initially rumored to have a price hike, but Apple surprised everyone by keeping prices consistent with the previous model.

Rumors are once again suggesting a potential price increase with the iPhone 16, possibly due to rising manufacturing costs and global inflation. While there’s hope that Apple will maintain current prices for another year, the persistent rumors hint at a possible change in pricing for the upcoming generation.

Apple iPhone 16 Specs

Every iPhone iteration brings a new A-series processor, and the trend is expected to continue with the iPhone 16 series. The iPhone 16 Pro is likely to feature the A18 Pro processor, while the non-Pro models might adopt a modified version of the A17 Pro from the iPhone 15 Pro. While it’s premature to detail the chip’s features, non-Pro iPhones in 2024 may not share the same processor as the Pro models.

There are reports suggesting that the iPhone 16 Pro will incorporate Sony’s new stacked CMOS image sensor technology, enhancing low-light sensitivity. Ming-Chi Kuo also hinted at the smaller iPhone 16 Pro gaining the periscope camera from the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Additionally, there’s speculation that the high-end model, possibly named iPhone 16 Ultra, could support Spatial Photos and Videos for viewing on the Apple Vision Pro. This builds upon the spatial video recording capability introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro.

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Apple iPhone 16 Design

Details about the iPhone 16 lineup are still limited, but it’s expected to maintain the familiar iPhone design with the Dynamic Island, featuring the pill-shaped cutout seen in the iPhone 15 series. Rumors suggest that Apple might integrate some Face ID sensors beneath the display, potentially allowing for a smaller camera cutout on the iPhone 16 models.


Renowned analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Ross Young predict a slight increase in display size for the Pro models, with a 0.2-inch diagonal measurement and a slightly taller aspect ratio. This adjustment, accommodating advanced camera hardware, results in a 6.27-inch display for the iPhone 16 Pro and a 6.86-inch display for the Pro Max.

The camera system is expected to see enhancements, including a periscope super-zoom telephoto lens and other innovative camera technologies. While earlier expectations for solid-state buttons may be delayed, recent rumors suggest the introduction of an Action button in place of the mute switch, likely across the entire iPhone 16 lineup in 2024.

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Apple iPhone 16 Camera

TL;DR: The iPhone 16 series is set to bring sensible camera upgrades, enhancing competition with top-tier Android devices. The iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will maintain a dual-camera setup with a 48MP main camera, while the iPhone 16 Pro may inherit the 5X tetraprism-powered telephoto camera from the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Rumors suggest the iPhone 16 Pro Max could feature a 12.5X optical zoom camera, though its credibility is uncertain. Both the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max are expected to feature new 48MP ultra-wide-angle cameras.


While changes in the iPhone 16 camera department might not be as extensive as the iPhone 15 series, recent major shifts indicate Apple’s ongoing focus on competing with the best Android camera phones. The expected camera setups for each model are outlined below:

  • iPhone 16 camera: No major changes
  • Main: 48MP
  • Ultra-wide: 12MP

The iPhone 16 is likely to maintain the 48MP wide-angle and 12MP ultra-wide cameras introduced with the iPhone 15, offering enhanced photo quality and potential design changes, such as a return to the vertical camera layout last seen in the iPhone 12 days.

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Apple iPhone 16 Display

Word on the street (or rather, the supply chain) is that next year’s iPhone displays won’t be huge surprises, except for maybe the Pro models. They’re rumored to get a touch bigger – think 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch beauties with buttery smooth 120Hz refresh rates.


The regular iPhone 16 and Plus models? Hold your horses, Android fans, because they’ll likely stick with the same 60Hz screens you know and…well, maybe not love. No worries, Apple hasn’t forgotten you entirely – all iPhones are expected to keep the cool notchless “Dynamic Island” design. Bottom line: Pro iPhones might make your jaw drop, but regular models could leave you wishing for that buttery smooth Android competition. Stay tuned for more screen scoops as we inch closer to launch day!

Apple iPhone 16 Processor & Storage

iPhone 16/iPhone 16 Plus: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB

Don’t expect major changes in the storage options for the upcoming iPhone 16 series. It’s likely that the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, and iPhone 16 Pro will kick off with 128GB of storage, while the entry-level iPhone 16 Pro Max may have 256GB. Unlike the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the 128GB version won’t be making a comeback for the top-tier device.


When it comes to maximum storage, anticipate the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus peaking at 512GB, while the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max could offer up to a whopping 1TB of storage.

Apple iPhone 16 Battery

iphone 16: 3,349mAh [Expected]

The iPhone 16 family is expected to come with either the same or slightly larger batteries compared to the iPhone 15 series. This potential increase could lead to improved battery life, allowing users more time between charges. While the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are getting slightly larger in size, there’s a chance that the batteries might also see an increase.

Apple iphone 15 Pro Maxx

Although the inner space allocation for hardware elements may limit substantial growth, the possibility of a battery boost remains. Coupled with a faster chipset, this could contribute to enhanced battery performance, positively impacting day-to-day use. As a reminder, the rumored iPhone 15 battery sizes serve as a reference, anticipating similar capacities for the iPhone 16 series.


The iPhone 16 whispers are growing louder, hinting at a refined, not revolutionary, leap. Bigger Pro screens, camera boosts, and potentially a peppy new chip paint the picture. While major shifts may wait till 2025, the 16 still promises to keep Apple firmly in the smartphone spotlight. Buckle up, tech fans, September 2024 is just around the corner!



Q. When will iPhone 16 released in US?

The apple will not annnounce anything about iPhone 16 Launch Date or Price, But Some Tech Expert predict that apple will expected to launch iPhone 16 in the next year.

Q. What will be the iPhone 16 prediction price?

The tech expert predict that iphone 16 will be expected to start from $799-$899.

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