Upcoming Apple Products in 2024: Here’s the list of upcoming products


Get ready, Apple fans! Upcoming Apple Products in 2024: 2024 promises to be another exciting year for the tech giant, with a plethora of innovative products on the horizon. From next-generation MacBooks and iPads to exciting advancements in wearables and home devices, Apple is poised to further revolutionize the tech landscape.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the rumored and confirmed releases for the year, giving you a comprehensive overview of what to expect. So, whether you’re a die-hard Apple enthusiast or simply curious about the latest technological advancements, buckle up for a thrilling ride!

A Recap of Apple’s 2023 Triumphs

2023 witnessed Apple’s dynamic foray into new realms and the continued enhancement of existing products. In January, Apple kickstarted the year with the release of new Macs and a surprise addition to the lineup – the HomePod. The momentum continued at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, where the company unveiled three new Macs, including the innovative Vision Pro, and shared its plans for macOS 14 Sonoma, iOS 17, and watchOS 10. In September, the iPhone 15 series, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Ultra 2 took center stage at a momentous event. October 30 marked another milestone with the introduction of new MacBook Pro and iMac models.

The 2023 Product Lineup

The product roster for 2023 was extensive and impressive, featuring the M2 Mac mini, Mac mini with M2 Pro, 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro chip, a larger 15-inch MacBook Air, a new Mac Pro with the M2 Ultra, and a refreshed Mac Studio with M2 Ultra and M2 Max. The iPhone 15, iPhone 15+, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, 2023 Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2, M3 iMac, and M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max MacBook Pro models rounded out the lineup. Notably, the Vision Pro headset, although announced, is slated for a 2024 release.

Upcoming Apple Products in 2024

Building on the foundation of 2023, 2024 is expected to bring forth further innovations across various Apple product categories. Let’s delve into what can be anticipated in the coming months.

New Macs

  • Mac mini with M3 and M3 Pro: Following the pattern of the M2 release, a Mac mini featuring the M3 and M3 Pro chips is anticipated in spring 2024.
  • MacBook Air with M3: Rumors suggest a spring 2024 release for an updated MacBook Air, likely to incorporate the M3 chip, aligning with the 14-inch MacBook Pro.
  • iMac Pro M3 Pro: While a new iMac with the M3 chip is in the pipeline, the release of a larger 27-inch iMac Pro might be deferred to fall 2024 or 2025.

New iPads

  • iPad Pro: Given the absence of iPad updates in 2023, speculations point towards a fall 2023 or spring 2024 release for an updated iPad Pro.
  • iPad mini: The seventh-generation iPad mini could see an imminent update, possibly arriving in fall 2023 or spring 2024.
  • iPad Air: Rumors suggest an update to the iPad Air with the M2 chip, potentially releasing in fall 2023 or spring 2024.
  • Bigger iPad Pro: Apple might unveil a 14-inch iPad Pro in spring 2024.

New iPhones

  • iPhone 16: As per Apple’s regular release cycle, the iPhone 16 is expected to make its debut in September 2024.
  • iPhone SE: A larger version of the iPhone SE, known as the iPhone SE Plus, may not materialize until spring 2025.

New AirPods

  • AirPods Max Update: The AirPods Max, in need of an update, might see a release in spring 2024, addressing current limitations such as the inability to play lossless audio.
  • AirPods Lite: Rumors about the $99 AirPods Lite suggest a potential launch in 2024.

New Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch Series 10 and Ultra 3: Anticipated to launch in September 2024, both models are expected to feature the new S10 chip, with a possibility of a third-generation Apple Watch SE.

New Product Categories

  • Vision Pro Headset: Apple’s mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro, showcased at WWDC in

Apple’s Releases in 2022

  1. M2 iPad Pro (12.9-inch and 11-inch): The M2 chip brought enhanced performance to the iPad Pro lineup, catering to the needs of professionals and creatives with its powerful capabilities.
  2. 10.9-inch iPad (10th generation): Apple continued to refine its iPad offerings, introducing a 10.9-inch model with updated features and functionality.
  3. iPhone 14 and 14 Plus: The iPhone lineup received a refresh with the introduction of the iPhone 14 series, featuring improvements in camera technology, performance, and design.
  4. iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max: Tech enthusiasts welcomed the Pro models, which brought advanced camera systems, ProMotion displays, and other premium features to the iPhone experience.
  5. Apple Watch Ultra: The ultra-durable Apple Watch Ultra marked a significant leap in the evolution of smartwatches, combining style with robust performance.
  6. Apple Watch Series 8: Continuing its legacy of excellence, Apple unveiled the Series 8, packing innovative health and fitness features into a sleek design.
  7. Apple Watch SE (2nd generation): The second generation of the Apple Watch SE delivered a budget-friendly option without compromising essential smartwatch functionalities.
  8. AirPods Pro (2nd generation): Audiophiles rejoiced with the second generation of AirPods Pro, featuring improved sound quality and enhanced noise cancellation.
  9. iPhone SE (3rd generation): The iPhone SE received an upgrade, offering users a compact yet powerful device with modern features.
  10. iPad Air (5th generation): The fifth generation of the iPad Air showcased Apple’s commitment to delivering a versatile and high-performance tablet experience.
  11. Mac Studio (1st generation): Power users celebrated the launch of the Mac Studio, a desktop powerhouse equipped with the latest technologies for creative professionals.
  12. Studio Display: Apple introduced the Studio Display, a high-resolution monitor designed to complement the Mac Studio and offer an immersive visual experience.
  13. M2 MacBook Air: The MacBook Air received the M2 chip upgrade, enhancing its performance and efficiency for everyday computing tasks.
  14. M2 13-inch MacBook Pro: Catering to professionals on the go, the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 chip delivered a perfect balance of power and portability.

Apple’s Releases in 2021

  1. HomePod mini in New Colors: Apple expanded the HomePod mini lineup with new colors, allowing users to personalize their smart home setups.
  2. MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max: The M1 Pro and M1 Max chips made their debut in the MacBook Pro, revolutionizing performance and capabilities for creative professionals.
  3. AirPods (3rd generation): The third generation of AirPods brought spatial audio and other enhancements to Apple’s popular wireless earbuds.
  4. Apple Watch Series 7: The Series 7 introduced a larger and more durable display, along with new health and fitness features, enhancing the overall Apple Watch experience.
  5. iPhone 13-series: Apple raised the bar with the iPhone 13 series, featuring improved camera systems, longer battery life, and the powerful A15 Bionic chip.
  6. iPad mini (6th generation): The compact yet feature-packed iPad mini received an update, catering to users seeking a portable tablet with premium capabilities.
  7. iPad (9th generation): The ninth-generation iPad continued to be a reliable and accessible entry point into the iPad ecosystem.
  8. iMac M1: The colorful and sleek iMac with M1 chip brought a new level of performance and design aesthetics to Apple’s desktop lineup.
  9. iPad Pro M1 (3rd and 5th generation): The M1 chip made its way to the iPad Pro, transforming it into a versatile productivity tool with exceptional processing power.
  10. Apple TV 4K (2nd generation): Apple enhanced the home entertainment experience with the second generation of Apple TV 4K, featuring improved visuals and performance.
  11. AirTag: Apple introduced the AirTag, a small tracking device designed to help users locate and keep track of their belongings.

Apple’s Releases in 2020

  1. AirPods Max: The premium over-ear headphones, AirPods Max, delivered high-fidelity audio and a luxurious design for an immersive listening experience.
  2. MacBook Air M1: The M1 chip made its debut in the MacBook Air, redefining the standards for lightweight laptops with powerful performance.
  3. 13-inch MacBook Pro M1: Apple continued its transition to M1 with the 13-inch MacBook Pro, offering professionals a portable powerhouse.
  4. Mac mini M1: The compact Mac mini received a powerful upgrade with the introduction of the M1 chip, making it an ideal choice for various computing needs.
  5. iPhone 12-series: The iPhone 12 series marked the introduction of 5G capabilities, along with a sleek design and advanced camera features.
  6. HomePod mini: Apple introduced the compact and affordable HomePod mini, bringing smart home capabilities to a wider audience.
  7. iPad Air (4th generation): The fourth-generation iPad Air featured a modern design and incorporated the A14 Bionic chip for enhanced performance.
  8. Apple Watch SE: The Apple Watch SE provided a more budget-friendly entry point into the world of Apple’s smartwatches.
  9. iPad (8th generation): Apple updated the eighth-generation iPad, ensuring that users had access to a reliable and capable tablet.
  10. Apple Watch Series 6: The Series 6 introduced new health features, including blood oxygen monitoring, making it a comprehensive health and fitness companion.
  11. 27-inch iMac (Intel): The 27-inch iMac with Intel processors was part of the transitional phase before Apple’s complete shift to custom silicon.
  12. 13-inch MacBook Pro (Intel): The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Intel processors offered users a capable option before the M1 chip era.
  13. iPhone SE (2nd generation): The second-generation iPhone SE combined a familiar design with modern internals, catering to users who preferred a compact device.
  14. MacBook Air (Intel): Apple’s Intel-based MacBook Air was one of the last laptops in the lineup before the M1 chip revolution.
  15. iPad Pro (2nd and 4th generation): The iPad Pro lineup received incremental updates, laying the groundwork for the future adoption of Apple’s custom silicon.


As Apple continues to redefine the landscape of technology, the anticipated launches in 2024 and beyond showcase the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation. From powerful Mac upgrades to revamped iPads, iPhones, AirPods, and the exploration of new product categories, Apple enthusiasts have much to look forward to. As with any predictions in the fast-paced tech industry, these anticipated launches offer a glimpse into the future, and Apple’s ability to surprise and innovate remains a constant. Stay tuned for the latest updates as Apple’s journey into the next era of technology unfolds.

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