iOS 17.2 Release Date 2023: What’s New in iOS 17.2?


iOS 17.2 Release Date 2023: Are you tired of the same old iOS routine? Do you crave exciting new features and bug fixes that will take your iPhone experience to the next level? Well, fret no more! iOS 17.2 is just around the corner, and it’s packed with goodies that will make you say “wow!”

From a revolutionary journaling app to mind-blowing spatial video recording, iOS 17.2 is jam-packed with features designed to enhance your daily life. So buckle up, iPhone users, because we’re about to take a deep dive into the hottest update yet!

iOS 17.2 Release Date 2023 in US

According to Forbes, iOS 17.2 is expected to release in the US on December 12, 2023. This much-anticipated update brings a plethora of exciting new features and improvements to your iPhone, making it even more powerful and enjoyable to use.

We’ve been eager for information about the next iOS update since the launch of iOS 17 back in September. Now, after weeks of beta testing and anticipation, Apple is ready to unleash the latest version of its mobile operating system to the public.

What’s New in iOS 17.2?

The Journal App

The Journal app made its debut with iOS 17.2 beta 1 after being announced at Apple’s WWDC event alongside iOS 17 in June. Although absent from the initial September 18 update, it is now expected to be included in iOS 17.2.

The app utilizes on-device machine learning to generate personalized writing suggestions, incorporating information from your iPhone such as photos, music, and podcasts. If you can’t recall the podcast you listened to earlier, the app conveniently displays that information when creating an entry.

In the Journal app, you encounter “Reflections,” offering various topics for writing. Examples include prompts like “Write about a time you gave someone an unexpected gift” or “Who cheers you up when you’re feeling down?” If you prefer to write freely without prompts, you can use the New Entry button to create text, voice notes, photos, or videos for your journal.

Privacy features are also incorporated, allowing you to lock the app after a specified period of closure. For instance, if you don’t reopen the app within five minutes, it prompts for Face ID or a passcode to regain access.

In iOS 17.2 beta 3, the Journal app introduces a new feature prompting users to set up a journaling schedule when first opened. This schedule can be customized to your preferences, notifying you when it’s time to journal. While the option to schedule notifications for journal reminders isn’t new, the addition of a splash screen provides a fresh interface experience.

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Messages App Reaction Stickers

Now, in the Messages app, you have the option to long-press any chat bubble to add a sticker response, offering an alternative to a traditional tapback reaction. By tapping “Add Sticker,” you can easily choose between a sticker or an emoji to apply to the corner of the iMessage. While there was already the ability to drag a sticker or emoji onto a message bubble, this new method provides a quicker way to respond expressively to incoming messages, enhancing the overall messaging experience.

Spatial Video Recording

In iOS 17.2, the iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max now support spatial video recording, specifically designed to be viewed in the Photos app on the Vision Pro headset.

To activate spatial video recording, navigate to the Settings app, access the Camera section, choose Formats, and toggle on “Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro.” Apple recommends keeping the iPhone stable in a landscape orientation for optimal results when recording spatial video. The captured video is recorded at 30 frames per second in 1080p resolution, with one minute of video occupying 130MB of storage space.

When spatial videos shot with an ‌iPhone‌ are viewed on the ‌iPhone‌ itself, they appear as standard videos. To experience the 3D effect, the Vision Pro headset is required.

Favorites Apple Music Playlist

Apple initially introduced the ability to create collaborative playlists in Apple Music, allowing multiple users to contribute, but this feature was removed in the fourth beta of iOS 17.2, and its return before the official launch remains uncertain.

Apple Music Favorite Songs

Additionally, the update brings a new feature that aggregates songs favorited in the ‌Apple Music‌ app into a dedicated Favorites playlist. In the Music section of the Settings app, there is now an option to automatically add favorited songs to the Music Library. While this feature is enabled by default, users have the option to turn it off if desired.

Apple Music Listening History Focus Filter

A Focus Filter has been introduced for the ‌Apple Music‌ Listening History feature. This filter allows users to deactivate the Listening History when sharing their device with someone else, preventing their song choices from influencing personalized recommendations.

Translate Action Button

For ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max users, there is a new Translate option for the Action button. When set to Translate, holding down the Action button brings up a Translate window that listens for spoken text and translates it between pre-set languages established in the Translate app.

Keyboard Update

Apple has introduced a feature that allows users to turn off inline predictions while typing. This option can be found in the Settings app under General, then Keyboard, where users can locate and toggle the “Show Predictions Inline” setting.

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iMassage Contact Key Verification

Initially showcased in December 2022, iMessage Contact Key Verification is a security feature tailored for individuals encountering “extraordinary digital threats,” including journalists, human rights activists, and government officials.

This feature safeguards iMessage conversations against potential “man-in-the-middle” eavesdropping, providing users with a Contact Verification Code. This code serves as a verification method, allowing iMessage users to confirm the identity of the person they are communicating with, whether in face-to-face meetings or during FaceTime calls.

Messages in iCloud Syncing

The section in the Settings app dedicated to iCloud messaging has undergone a name change, now referred to as “Messages in ‌iCloud‌.” Within this section, users can observe the total storage occupied by messages, the quantity of messages synchronized to ‌iCloud‌, and the timestamp of the last synchronization. An option labeled “Sync Now” is also available for users to manually trigger an update.

Apple had previously indicated that various settings, including Text Message Forwarding, Send & Receive accounts, and SMS filters across devices, would be synchronized through Messages in ‌iCloud‌ in ‌iOS 17‌. Hence, these additional settings may now be part of the synchronization process.

Apple TV App

In the Apple TV app on the ‌iPhone‌ and iPad, Apple has merged the separate tabs for Movies and TV shows within the Store section.

Code found in iOS 17.2 suggests Apple’s intention to discontinue the option to purchase TV shows and movies through the iTunes app. Instead, users will be required to buy or rent TV content within the TV app. While the code alludes to this change, it has not been fully implemented yet. The code states, “You can buy or rent TV shows and find your purchases in the ‌Apple TV‌ app.”


Within the Phone and ‌FaceTime‌ settings, there is a feature called Share Name and Photo that leverages the Contact Poster. Users have the flexibility to toggle Name and Photo Sharing on or off, set it to Contacts Only, or opt for Always Ask, prompting for confirmation before sharing this information.

This capability was initially present in the Messages app.

When joining a ‌FaceTime‌ call that involves a contact you’ve blocked, Apple now issues a warning. Warnings are triggered both when you enter a call with a blocked contact and when a blocked contact attempts to join a call you’re already on.

Emergency Alerts Local Awareness

In the Settings app, under Notifications & Emergency Alerts, a new option called “Local Awareness” is available for activation. Apple states that by turning on Local Awareness, the feature utilizes your approximate location to enhance the promptness, precision, and dependability of emergency alerts.

Weather Setting

The Weather app now includes updated widgets such as Details, Daily Forecast, and Sunrise/Sunset. The Details widget provides information like precipitation chance, UV index, wind speed, and air quality. Daily Forecast offers a compact display of the upcoming weather for the next few days. Sunrise/Sunset widget showcases the sunrise and sunset times for each day.

New Options For Sharing Contact Posters

In the third beta of iOS 17.2, additional options for sharing Contact Posters have been introduced. Within the Settings menu, specifically in the Phone or FaceTime sections, there is now a Share Name and Photo option. Users can choose between automatic sharing of their Contact Poster with contacts or opting for the device to prompt confirmation before sharing. Notably, this functionality was previously limited to the Messages app.

New Digital Clock Widget

In the initial beta of iOS 17.2, the Clock widget has undergone a refresh. The update introduces a digital clock option within the Clock widget, providing a more convenient way to read the time. The enhanced digital clock widget offers improved readability, while the updated Weather widget now efficiently presents more information in a compact format.

Books App New Option Fast Fade

The Books app in iOS now includes a fresh “Fast Fade” option for the page-turning animation. Additionally, Apple has eliminated the icon that allowed users to swiftly scroll through content.


A new setting called “AirPlay Receiver” has been introduced in iOS 17.2, enabling the forthcoming ‌Apple Vision Pro‌ headset to stream or share content with an ‌iPhone‌.

Additionally, it appears that the previously announced ‌AirPlay‌ feature for hotels, mentioned by Apple earlier this year, is either currently active or will be soon. This feature is designed to facilitate the ‌AirPlay‌ of content from an ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌ to a smart TV equipped with AirPlay capabilities.

Expend Sensitive Content Warning

Apple’s Sensitive Content Warning, which users can choose to enable, is now extending its coverage to Contact Posters within the Contacts and Phone apps, along with stickers in the Messages app. This feature employs on-device machine learning to automatically blur photos or videos that contain nudity, providing users with a warning before viewing such content.

More iOS 17.2 Features

App Store Categories

The “Apps” and “Games” sections in the App Store now feature a redesigned top bar navigation, allowing users to easily scroll through various app categories and explore apps within a selected category with a simple tap.

AppleCare+ Coverage Menu

The AppleCare+ “Coverage” menu has been relocated to Settings > General from Settings > General > About, providing more visibility. This menu displays ‌AppleCare‌+ information for your device and any paired AirPods.

Siri Enhancements

  • Siri in iOS 17.2 can now provide estimated time of arrival details during active turn-by-turn directions in the Maps app.
  • Siri is capable of providing altitude data.

Photos Access to Apple Music Library

Upon updating to iOS 17.2 beta 3, the ‌Photos‌ app prompts users to allow access to the ‌Apple Music‌ library. This access enables ‌Photos‌ to curate songs for Memories.

Recording to an External Device

For ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ models, ProRes video can now be recorded directly to an external device. A new pop-up message alerts users when external recording is not functioning due to a slow USB-C cable.

AppleCare Settings

  • The “Coverage” section under Settings > General has been renamed to ‌AppleCare‌ & Warranty, encompassing ‌AppleCare‌ information for your ‌iPhone‌ and connected devices.
  • A new Warranty section is introduced under General > About, offering coverage details for the ‌iPhone‌.

Default Notification Sound

Under Sounds & Haptics, a “Default Alerts” section has been added, enabling users to choose the sound for all incoming notifications (excluding texts, mail, and calendar alerts). Users can customize both the sound and haptic vibration for default notifications.


Q. Is iOS 17.2 released in us?

According to some updates, iOS 17.2 will be released in 12th December, 2023 in US.

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